The Bridgeport Trout Tournament - Every June

BFEF Trout Tournament is into its’ second decade. Profits from the tournament are directly responsible for stocking thousands of brown and rainbow trout into the local Bridgeport fisheries. The amount of browns and rainbows caught in Bridgeport regional waters at this year’s opening weekend caused a buzz throughout the Eastern Sierras. Many of the trophy trout landed came directly from your donations and support for this great eventand the dedicated efforts of the volunteers of BFEF.

The Bridgeport Trout Tournament is a family focused event that includes free gifts for each participant, event merchandise (something new every year), quality trophies, prizes, raffle opportunities and an indoor awards ceremony that includes a good old fashion dinner with all the trimmings. Some of our key sponsors are Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, Eagle Claw, Mono County, Fishin’ Mission Foundation, Berkeley, Sep’s Pro Fishing, YUM products, Kens Sporting Goods, and many other local Bridgeport, Mono County and Northern Nevada businesses.

The Kid’s division is always our main focus and we bring each and every child to the stage, present them with a trophy or medal, a free fishing rod & reel and submit a group photo to major outdoor publications. In addition, every year we try and add something extra that may include a tackle manufacture for added opportunities to win cash or prizes. Look for details at Fridays sign in.

We look forward to seeing you at our annual BFEF June Trout Tournament.

Thank you for your continued support!!


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