The history of BFEF

BFEF’s colorful history has had many successful programs. Our first hatchery facility was constructed in 2005, at Paradise Shores RV Park. After completing mandatory testing and proving that the system is disease free, we were able to raise beautiful, healthy trout in a modified tomato bin using re-circulating well water.

The second hatchery facility was constructed in 2006, at the Virginia Creek Settlement. This facility allowed our program to increase our capacity to raise trout. This was a flow-through system that got pure spring water from an Artesian well that allowed us to grow fish year round. At the height of the program we had the capacity to hatch and grow 20,000 + fish annually to a catchable size for release in many local waters.

In 2014 / 2015, BFEF changed directions due to budget constraints and drought conditions. We now have established Cage Culture Fish Rearing systems, tagged trophy trout programs, revitalization of brown trout plantings in allowable waters and other locally based educational programs.

BFEF has taken part in many other local, state and federal agencies programs through partnerships. Just one example is BFEF’s support of the local Marine Base’s annual kids fishing derby. BFEF, through partnerships with local merchants and hatcheries, provide trophy fish as well as brand new rods & reels for all the kids at the derby.